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Wednesday, April 24, 2019:  Surprise surprise, a bog appeared on the channel that connects the main Gilbert Lake (Gilbert 2) and the smaller lake to the northwest, referred to as Gilbert 3.  The channel is about one-third mile long and has been navigable by boat all summer until now.  The bog consists of plant material that is normally along the sides of the channel, but broke off to come together near the middle.  At this date, there is no way a motorized boat can get through, although there is room for a kayak or canoe.   
As seen from the Gilbert Lake public landing, the far shore on the left normally had bog material, but there always was a channel to get through.  Now that material has moved to the right to block the channel. 
A man in a kayak came by to check it out as did two Canada Goose.
A reporter from Lakeland Public TV was there to document the event.
Volunteers from the Gilbert Lake Association gathered at 2 pm on Saturday to figure out what to do.
They had already secured a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources permit to move the bog.
So, they pushed a portion of the bog west to Gilbert 3.  They put it in a final resting spot along the shore and staked it down.
It took a number of trips to move it all, piece by piece.
That lake does not have access for nearby homes.  They were just adding more bog to what was already there.
In the end, the entire channel was free of the bog.

Quote of the day:    Nice coordinated effort by volunteers.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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