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Tuesday, August 28, 2018:   Military Appreciation Day at the Minnesota State Fair. 
An Honor Guard from the American Legion Post in Roseville, MN, was there and Mark held the flag. 
The National Anthem was sung while flags were raised.
Catherine "Kay" Bauer gave a speech about her life starting as a U.S. Navy nurse in Vietnam and her 35 years in the military. 
More women veterans were recognized for their service to our country.
Patriotic music with some singing by the Minnesota National Guard 34th Infantry Red Bull Band.  Well done!
Military exhibits.
There was a statue honoring General John Vessey Jr. (1922 - 2016) from Minnesota. 
He served in the U.S. Army and the Joint Chief's of Staff in Washington.

Service members are sometimes found in unusual dress for special occasions. 
The man in the middle served in the U.S Navy aboard ship, a few years ago. 

Men and women veterans are rightfully proud of their service.  Got freedom?
Currently serving members of our armed services were on hand to answer questions.
Then the 2 pm parade began with a Color Guard.
There were even a few commercial entries in the parade.
Then Mark took the controls of a flight simulator....almost crashed it too!  Not easy, but he managed a smile. 

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