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Wednesday, June 6, 2018:  This is the Greenwich Observatory.  It sits atop a hill at the edge of the city.
Greenwich can be seen below with London behind.
 Clocks have been around for thousands of years, including the sundial on the left.  Grandfather clocks came later.
Accurate time keeping has long been essential for British ships at sea, which use a sextant, as seen on the left.
Sighting a star or the sun and noting the exact time, make it possible to fairly accurate determine any location across the globe.
Britain's far-flung empire needed that for hundreds of years....GPS satellites do too.
There have been many clocks along the way including this one that, in 1974, was put in the Guinness World Record book
for being the most accurate mechanical clock of the time.
Scientists use atoms to establish clock speed now.  
In the end, you have an exact time....down to the microsecond.
Mark was straddling the dividing line between east and west.

It is the Greenwich Meridian, where time begins and ends

at Greenwich Observatory, England. 

His simple question was, "What time is it?"

After that, his statement was, "Look ma, no hands."

Quote of the day:    All I wanted to know is what time it was!   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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