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Monday, June 4, 2018:  The H.M.S. Belfast sits at anchor on the River Thames in London.
H.M.S. stands for Her Majesty's Ship.  The Belfast is an 11,550 ton battleship, loaded with guns. 
Launched in 1938, she served valiantly in WWII, the Korean conflict and on Arctic convoys.
The bell is a treasured part of any ship.  This one is no exception.
Six of the forward guns.  In total, there are twelve six-inch and twelve four-inch guns, plus other smaller ones.
The Tower Bridge is seen off her stern.
The Paula checked out the bridge.  She noticed there is no steering wheel. 
A ship this size is directed by officers.  Those below deck do the work.
The Belfast guns are directed by radar.
Mighty turbine engines (80,000 horsepower total) pushed the Belfast to 37 miles per hour, which is really fast at sea.
There is a complete medical facility on board for the sick and wounded.
No military chow line will work without pealing potatoes.
There is a closed circuit music system aboard the ship to keep the sailors entertained.
Many found themselves gambling away hard-earned pay in their spare time.
Ships of the day had cats to control mice and rat population.  Rum was served to sailors as a part of their daily ration.

Quote of the day:    The ship is a city unto itself.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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