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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
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Saturday, March 3, 2018:  Mark and Paula headed out to see the annual Polar Bear Plunge.
It is a charity fund raiser for the Special Olympics of Minnesota.
This is where otherwise sane people jump into the freezing water at the Breezy Point Resort.

The event starts out with a costume judging contest.  Walmart gnomes were best this year.
This may not be hillbilly country, but locals did a good job dressing for the occasion.
Two portrayed SCUBA divers and some hill people were missing teeth.
Then there were the chickens, complete with eggs.
The Brainerd Veterans of Foreign Wars Post dressed as the Addams Family.  Nicely done.
They were contest winners the past two years.  Better luck next year.
Lots of good costume theme.
The participants went all out to show off.
Then it was out into the cold to jump into a hole in Pelican Lake. 
Law enforcement officers went first to show it could be done.
Then the rest joined in.
A crew dressed patriotically jumped as well. 
Coming out of 33 degree water wasn't so easy.
Then the crew from the Brainerd VFW took their turn. 
Seventy two year old Post Gambling Manager Chuck Hanson brought his daughter Bergen. 
They jumped together.  Every year they say this is their "last year" and yet they return for more.
Other Addams Family members went for a swim too.
A cannon ball jump.  It all turned out well in the end. Some 326 plungers raised over $74,000 for charity.

Quote of the day:    Glad my job was photographer rather than plunger.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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