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Friday, February 2, 2018:  The Brainerd School of Diving held a "Discover SCUBA" night.
Instructor Kelli Mankowski gave classroom instruction to a group of about a dozen people.
Kelli is owner of Party World so she is a busy lady, but never too busy to miss an opportunity to talk diving.
Students lined up their equipment along the edge of a swimming pool at the Brainerd High School. 
Then it was time to get the equipment on and adjusted.
Red haired Deep Diver Paula was one of the helpers that night.  This was her mid-winter "fix" for diving. 
She has to wait until May to go diving again in the Brainerd area.  Paula has over 650 dives to her cretit.  
How does this work?  Once figured out, it was time to go under.  
Looks like they are doing OK so far.
Some took to the water like fish.
Then it was off to the deep end of the pool.
Ops....how do I set the buoyancy compensator?
Got it now.
A family affair diving experience.
Son and father did well too.
Quite a learning experience.  Seventeen year old foreign exchange student Numicha "Fully" Pholjaroen from Thailand did OK. 
In the end, It was a good experience for all.

Quote of the day:    Diving is for Paula, not for me.  Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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