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Wednesday, January 17, 2018:  The annual United Way Chili Cook-off, now called the Chili Olympics, was held.
The event took place at the Westgate Mall in Brainerd/Baxter and raises money for charity. 
Hundreds of people paid $10 to sample chili from many commercial and non-profit contributors.
Lots of chili was served that day from probably thirty vendors.
Hubbard Radio was there.  Tess Taylor, morning personality on WJJY Radio, brought her recipe.  Very good.
Lots of really great chili to taste and interesting people to serve it.
Everyone was happy to get a cup.
The taste was great too, as testified by many patrons.
The Salvation Army was there.  They KNOW how to feed people. 
They came from all over to show off their chili.
Minnesota Adult &Teen Challenge was there to talk about their program to get addicts off drugs and alcohol. 
They have an excellent track record in doing so.
This was an Olympics event for America and it showed.
Yes, it was an Olympics to be judged the best chili maker in the area.
Everyone was waiting for the judge's decision.  TV channels 9 and 22 were there with a camera.
(on the right) Matt Killion, President of the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce, was anxiously awaiting the results.
Then the winners were announced by Jennifer Smith, Executive Director of the local United Way organization.
The grand prize was given to the Brainerd High School Culinary and Hospitality program.  Nicely done.
Tammy Bengston was there as Community Resource Coordinator for the United Way.

She is a friend and neighbor to Gilbert Lodge.

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