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Monday, May 29, 2017:  Jan Lambert, Chairman of Memorial Day Committee in Brainerd, was out making sure everything was going well.
She met with Dave Meyer, Commander of the Crow Wing County Disabled American Veterans.  Meyer is also head of the Honor Guard.
She shook hands with Marti Judd, the bugle player who plays Taps.  


At 8:30 am, a wreath was thrown in the Mississippi River from the Laurel Street Bridge in Brainerd.
Chip Borle, Commander of the Brainerd Veterans of Foreign Wars was aided by Steve Rosneau from the DAV.
The wreath was for those who were lost at sea.

The Honor Guard was there with flags.  They are from the Brainerd American Legion, Brainerd VFW, and DAV.

There was a 21 gun salute.  Nicely done.  That was followed by Taps.

Then it was on to the All Veterans Memorial where a wreath was placed by the only local Bataan Death March survivor, Walt Straka.
He was aided by Don Samuelson.  That was followed a ceremony at the National Guard Armory in south Brainerd as well.

Then there was a parade on 3rd Avenue NE Brainerd to Evergreen Cemetery.

The VFW Auxiliary was there along with the Legion Riders, among others.

The Brainerd High School Band put on a good show.

These Cub Scouts were accompanied by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Commander Chip Borle was there with a flag as the ceremonies were about to start.

Elise Sopelle recided the Pledge of Allegiance.  Master of Ceremonies Dick Lyscio is seen behind her.
Jan Lambert read, "That Ragged Old Flag."  It brought some to tears.

The performance was well received by the many hundreds who attended.

The guest Speaker was Dr. Doug Keran, now reited from the U.S. Coast Guard.
He told of the courage and sacrafices of those who gave their lives so we can enjoy freedom today.

Lots of veterans on hand.

The band played several moving numbers.

They did a great job.  Taps, with echo, was played at the end of the ceremonies.  Very nicely done.

Veteans and families were invited to lunch at the Brainerd American Legion.  Paul, Straka, son of Walt Straka, was there too.
Walt, as mentioned, is the only living survivor of the Bataan Death March.  Walt is 97.


Peggy Doust, President of the Brainerd VFW Auxiliary, was very proud of her granddaughter' dress that day.

These casket flags were donated by families of deceased veterans.  They fly proudly every Memorial Day at Evergreen Cemetery.

Quote of the day:    Memorial Day is a day of rememberance.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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