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Sunday, December 4, 2016:  The Dynamic Duo of Mark and Paula took in the sights of the Mall of America.  Everything is big at the mall.
Lots of Christmas shoppers out that day.
Much to see and experience.
Amid all of the shopping, they came across Flyover America, billed as the ultimate flying ride. 
No photos were allowed inside the theatre, so this is what the billboard looked like outside. 
Santa and his elves were a part of this edition of Flyover America.
A very expertly done experience that could be a problem for people with motion sickness.  It is like going to an IMAX theatre with movement added to the seats.  That includes tilting left, right, back, and forward.
It is a thrilling ten minute ride plus five to ten minutes of related activities.
Paula was a bit chicken about trying it, but she was fine.  Mark and Paula recommend this show to those who want to see the sights of the world from the air.     

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