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Thursday, October 20, 2016:  Preparations were underway for Haunted Trail at Northland Arboretum.   How can you be hungry at a time like this?
The cast of characters assembled to prepare for the night.  Television Channel 9/22 was there to document the event.
Plenty of smiles along the way during preparations.  It is a fun charity event to raise money for Northland Arboretum.
How does my makeup look?  Oh, you need more lipstick.
Some of the creatures looked a bit scary.
Some didn't look so bad.
Many choices on how to look that night.  You don't have to cry about it!
Hmmmm....are you sure you want to go out in the night?  You might run into something!
How can they laugh about this?  It's a fun event where high school students donate their time to make Haunted Trail a reality.
Groups gathered for photographs before heading out on the trail.
Imagine running into these creatures in the dark.

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