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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
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Friday, September 23, 2016:  The sky was nearly clear and the sun shined over the lakes near Ely, Minnesota.

The Dynamic Duo headed west and stopped at Soudan when they saw this unusual installation.
Hmmmm....this looks interesting!  "Let's check it out," Paula said. 
The next thing they knew, they were 2341 feet below the surface and 689 feet below sea level.
The trip took 2 minutes and 45 seconds via a high-speed elevator. 
They boarded a mine railroad.  Now what?
A high speed trip through the mine.  Where are they going?
The tour guide stopped to show off mining machinery that was used back when this mine was producing the richest iron ore in the country.
A hose delivered compressed air to make the machine run.
Lots to see.  Keep your hat on, Paula, there might be falling rocks!
Miners 100 years ago used candle light to see where they were going and what they were doing. 
Then it was off to see a high energy physics lab in the mine. 
This one
is run by the University of Minnesota, hosting scientists from around the world, studying dark matter.
A huge mural on the wall depicts the work that seeks to understand the forces of our solar system. 
Yes, the more scientists learn the more questions they have.  It is a never ending cycle of trying to find answers to the universe.
More and more data is compiled.  When will it be fully understood?  Good question!
Fortunately the elevator operator was a reliable guy.  He hasn't dropped an elevator.....yet!!!!

Then it was off to the Virginia, Minnesota to see the Veterans Memorial Park. 
A huge American Eagle is crying out to protect U.S. servicemen and women from harm.
An inscription says, "Shoulder to shoulder, even the fallen stand tall."
There are murals nearby depicting servicemen and women from the iron range who served their country.  Nicely done.

Mark and Paula returned to Brainerd just in time to see a sunset at the East Brainerd Mall.  A fitting end to the day.

Quote of the day:    A very interesting trip.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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