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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

July 25, 2009:  The first time out with my working underwater camera.  First time out had a dead battery upon arrival.  Think I have a bit of a learning curve. Did enjoy the bass near the underwater tree.  Went out to Huntington Mine Pit near Crosby, MN to a site we call Connecticut Two Bit. 

About half way into the dive this northern decided to take a look at us. 

Had two dive partners this afternoon. Amy and Mike from Mankato.  Toward the end of the dive Mike and I decided to spend some time with the sun fish.  They were handing out by their fish beds and it was fascinating to watch them.  There were dozens. 

Thought this was a nice shot of a couple sun fish near more underwater trees and branches. 

This was a nice sized bass that hung around for quite a while, both as we were going out for the dive and on our return back to the entrance.     

Another of the nice sized northerns we saw during our dive.


E-mail August 1, 2009:  Tell Paula I like her underwater photos.  Jim in Baxter, MN.

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