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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

August 8, 2008:  The Swedes returned to Brainerd for a visit.  (l-r) Son Eric Karlsson, Paula Persons, Anette Karlsson, Mom "June" Persons, Leif Karlsson, and Mark Persons.  The Karlsson family is from Laxa, which is in the central part of Sweden.  They are June and Mark's distant relatives.  June's mother and father came to America from Sweden about 100 years ago. 

The group is seen here enjoying a dinner at the Black Bear Lodge and Saloon in Brainerd.     

August 18, 2008:  Josie is having a wonderful summer at Gilbert Lodge.  The wild flowers are starting to do well on the lodge grounds.
A Minnesota Loon as seen from "The Minnow" on Gilbert Lake.
A Jet Ski in action on Gilbert Lake.
It is time for dinner on the Promenade Deck at Gilbert Lodge.  Paula served up a hamburger on dark Rye bread topped with chunky blue cheese dressing.  It is a great taste combination.  Add to it some locally grown sweet corn on the cob and you have a summer meal worth talking about. 

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