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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

July 17, 2008:  Mark and Paula heard live outdoor music in one of the beautiful parks in Brainerd, MN, just three miles from Gilbert Lodge.  The temperature that evening was in the high 70's.
The musician that night was Paul Imholte from St. Cloud, MN.  Here he was playing the hammered dulcimer.  It is something like a piano, but is played with wooden "spoons."   
He also played Guitar in a lively fashion.  He is also known as the "stringman."
The local assembled group loved this free community entertainment compliments of Brainerd Parks and Recreation.
Paul sang and played the Banjo too.  Songs included Red Wing, Blackberry Blossom, Driving by Moonlight, Greensleeves, and much more.  
Who could go to a performance like that without stopping for ice cream on the way home?
This young lady was enjoying her Dairy Queen much to the chagrin of her brother.

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