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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

May 3, 2008: On the road, here we are overlooking Duluth, MN, and Superior, WI, at the southwest tip of Lake Superior from a visitor center.
Paula is attracted to the water so here she is at Park Point watching the waves on Lake Superior.  
(l-r) Mark Persons, Paula Persons, and good-friend Jim Barry.  We couldn't go to the Twin Ports without eating, so here we are at the Anchor Bar in Superior, WI.      
Duluth is an inland port connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the Great Lakes.  The Aerial Bridge, at Duluth, has a moveable road span that raises up to let ships through.

Ship Ahoy!!  The Joseph L. Block comes in under the famous bridge.  She is an iron-ore carrier built in Sturgeon Bay, WI, and christened in 1976.

The aft-end of the mighty vessel clears the bridge nicely.

Learn more about Great Lakes shipping at:  http://duluthshippingnews.com

When the moveable span is lowered, this is what it looks like when crossing the bridge   
Mark takes the wheel in the wheelhouse at the Lake Superior Marine Museum located near the Aerial Bridge.  http://www.lsmma.com 

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