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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

March 29, 2008: Here is Paula Persons at the Bakken Library and Museum in Minneapolis at a demonstration of static electricity.  Her hand is on a high voltage source and her hair is standing on end.  Also see: http://www.thebakken.org 
She also got a ride in an electric car.  It has three wheels and room for just two people. 
March 30, 2008:  Paula toured the Mill City Museum in downtown Minneapolis.  It was the largest flower mill in the world some 100 years ago and it overlooks the mighty Mississippi River at St. Anthony Falls.  See: http://www.millcitymuseum.org     
Paula just can't help clowning around with clowns from the St. Paul Clown Club.  She really is a clown at heart.  Also see: http://spclownclub.tripod.com 

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