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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

December 9, 2008:  Winter is here and the sun is just rising about 8 AM in the Northland.

Click on the photo or here to see a larger image.

December 14, 2008:  A blizzard dumped 10 inches of snow in Brainerd.  There were white-out conditions at Gilbert Lodge.  Birds had to suspend flight to the feeder while the storm raged.
Meanwhile, in the warm Chef's Galley at Gilbert Lodge, Chef Paula is working away.  Here she is baking Swedish sugar cookies for guests.  Paula used a Dala horse as inspiration for the icing.
She then proceeded to bake her famous Almond Cake, which is well liked by all for its sweet taste.  You could say that Paula was baking up a storm inside while it is storming outside.
Still full of energy, Paula cooked a batch of Gilbert Lodge Chili for dinner.  It doesn't get much better than this.
December 15, 2008:  With the blizzard over, the sun is surrounded by a sun dog at sunrise.  As is usually the case in Minnesota, snow is followed by low temperatures.  In this case the morning was 15 degrees below zero and the next morning was 20 degrees below zero.

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With clear skies, pine trees are seen cradling snow in their limbs.

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