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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

Christmas 2008 Greetings from Mark & Paula Persons

So what did we learn during the year 2008?                           

You cannot put on earrings with an arm in a cast.  Paula fell getting into the car last December 29th and spent six weeks in a cast with a dislocated elbow.  This did not deter her from going SCUBA diving on May 1st nor from making 43 dives this summer in the iron ore mine pits of Crosby, MN.  Granted she did need help suiting up and schlepping gear for the first few dives.   She finished the season carving an award winning pumpkin in 27 feet of water on October 25th.

They look at you funny in the emergency room when you take your mother in with a broken shoulder exactly two weeks later after Paula’s slip.  Mark’s mother fell out of bed and we took her in.  At 92, June still summers on Sylvan Lake and moves into Brainerd for the winter months. 

The radio broadcast engineering business was slow in the first quarter, but we made up for it in the summer and fall.  Mark was involved in the construction of a new radio station in Sauk Rapids/St. Cloud, MN.  Mark and other three engineers drove to Quincy for a four-day class on High Definition Radio (digital radio).  One crazy engineer flew from Wyoming to Minnesota just so he could share the ride.  Four engineers talking radio for hours – sounds exciting huh! 

Paula’s mother Ione may be in the late stages of Alzheimer’s but she is still Mom.   While replacing carpeting they turned their back.  Mom checked it out and slipped in the glue.  No injuries but did have to throw away her shoes, pants, shirt and take two showers to get the glue out of her hair.  Everyone had a good laugh over that one.  Paula’s father Chet continues to live in his house and visits Mom two or three times a day.

If you take enough pictures, some turn out quite nicely.  Mark has taken up photography.  He has joined a local photo club.  Give the man a digital camera, Photoshop Elements (a computer program to enhance photos), along with our Web site, and he can play for hours.  He has a blog (Internet diary for those not Web savvy) going on our Web site http://mwpersons.com click on “Gilbert Lodge Blog” and you will learn more about us than you ever wanted to know. 

Madison, WI is a fun city.  We learned that when we attended Paula’s niece Jessica’s recital.   Jessica received her Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Voice Performance with a minor in Opera Production from the University of Wisconsin and this was her final recital.  We drove over to hear her sing and what a voice.  We then toured the capitol & enjoyed the farmers market. 

Sometimes you just get lucky.  Approximately 100 divers attended the local “Dive Fest” and Paula went home with two of the top raffle prizes.   

Potatoes can be dangerous.  Mark is telling the story of the 8-inch diameter white spot on the front bumper of the company van.  He was at East Grand Forks, MN, during potato harvest time.  A potato hopped off an oncoming truck, bounced along the highway, and slammed into the front of the van.  No damage, but it sure looked funny.   

Wishing you love, joy, health and peace during the upcoming year.  Mark and Paula Persons              

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