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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

October 8, 2008:  Autumn is here and the colors are showing.
Just down the street from Gilbert Lodge
Pine needles on the way to the lake at the Lodge.
A great sunset on Gilbert Lake as seen from the deck of "The Minnow".  A fitting way to end a day on the water. 

October 17, 2008:  Mark is showing the new light on the tower in the Gilbert Lodge entry and Grand Staircase.  The light, compliments of Paul Bittner, is the same as that used on any commercial tower.  Mark is in the Reading Nook on the second floor.  The Lodge has three interior windows that could have stained-glass, but it was decided to keep them open.

Note the monkey climbing the tower from below.

Paula is showing the new "On-Air" light in the entry next to her Halloween decorations. 

October 19, 2008:  Paula is bringing in firewood for the winter at Gilbert Lodge.  It will be used in the Grand Fireplace.
Later in the day, she is preparing one of her specialties.  It is Beer-Can Chicken.  Paula puts an entire chicken over an open can of beer and cooks it on a natural-gas Bar-B-Q.  She bastes the chicken with her secret ingredients and then turns on the heat.  An hour later, the chicken is ready for serving after checking it with a cooking thermometer.

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