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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

January 26, 2008:

Billed as the World's Largest Ice Fishing Contest, this annual event is held on Gull Lake, just 10 miles northwest of Gilbert Lodge.  $150,000 is given in prizes and about $250,000 is raised for local charities.

Contestants arrived between rows of American Flags.  The National Anthem was sung at noon, which was the official beginning of the event.  A big cheer could be heard for miles at the end of the song.

The temperature peaked at 18 degrees, but the wind chill brought that down to 6 degrees.  Quite a bit warmer than the -38 degrees on one previous year.  


It didn't take long before fish started showing up at the weigh station.   


One of the many big ones that did not get away, but was brought in to win a prize.  


Another aerial view of a portion of the 10,000 people fishing the event.  Mark and Paula Persons volunteered their time with the Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club to help handle communications for the event.   


Four generations of fishermen.  The proud great-grandpa is in the brown coat with hood near the center.  He is Gerry Rohde of Merrifield, MN.  


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