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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

May 8, 2004

Spring has come to Gilbert Lodge and Saturday, May 8th, is a 70 degree day.   Mark and Paula are putting in their new 30-foot boat dock from Nisswa Dock.  It came as ten-foot-long frame sections that easily link together. 

Mark is wearing rubber waders that allow him to be chest-deep in water without getting wet.  The waders are plenty baggy making his 165 pound physique look like 225 pounds.   

(Click on the photo or here for a larger view.)     

May 8, 2004

The aluminum dock frame is then covered with cedar wood decking, which comes in 5-foot-long sections.  Paula is giving the high-five while resting before getting the next section. 

Note a fishing boat going by in the background.  This lake is known for bass and perch.  

(Click on the photo or here for a larger view.)     

May 8, 2004

Here is that handsome couple showing off the completed dock at Gilbert Lodge.  It took just over an hour to install.  

A 20-foot pontoon boat, with 40-horse motor, will be delivered soon.  We are also running a "Name the Boat" contest.  Entries so far include: Titanic, Andria Doria, Bismarck, Lusitania, the Guppy, and the Mighty Minnow.  Is this boat safe? 

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this exciting contest.        

(Click on the photo or here for a larger view.)     

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