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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
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Thursday, October 8, 2020:  Mark was up the 65-foot Gilbert Lodge communications tower recently.
did some repair work and added new hardware.  

Mark installed a new 260-foot long dipole wire antenna with a center feed (white T) near the top of the tower. 
The problem was the ends of the antenna were only about ten feet off the ground.  

That's when friend Brian Wermager stopped by with his bow and arrow. 
Mark thought his name should be Friar Tuck, of Robin Hood fame, because Brian is a retired Lutheran minister.  

It took three arrow shots with fishing line trailing on each leg of the dipole to get the wire in the top of the trees.


Mark put test equipment on the feed point, at the tower fence, to check the results.  He was a happy guy.

Mark and Paula use their amateur radio licenses to communite across the country and around the world.
That includes talking to stations in Japan, Australia, Russia, England, Poland and even Antarctica.
Learn more at the National Association for Amateur Radio.

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