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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018:  Mark and Deep Diver Paula headed to the Minnesota School of Diving in Brainerd.
This is an interesting place even for those who are not SCUBA divers.
This Dive equipment was packed/pushed into a van and off they went to a lake near Crosby, Minnesota.
Then it was into dive suits.  This can easily take a half hour. 
Paula waved goodbye as she headed out with others.
One last set of instructions before going under.
Eleven year old Willow needs to wait another year before she can be a SCUBA diver.
She was snorkeling that day to learn about water ans what is under the surface.
The lake is home to fishermen as well. 
This is what Paula sees underwater.
Walleye, northern, bass and much more.
The crew finally came ashore after about an hour underwater.
Meanwhile, hamburgers and bratwurst were being prepared on a grill for the hungry crew when they return.
Then the stories began about what they saw below.
This was Paula's chance to eat food that is beyond her normal diet routine. 
Then they told lies about the fish they saw underwater.  How big was it?
The crew lined up for a group shot.  Photographers refer to this as the "firing squad photo!"
Todd Matthies filled air tanks to just over 3000 pounds per square inch so they are ready for the next dive.
Then it was time to do paperwork on the dive.  Paula has over 600 dives in her 15 year career.
Brainerd's famous concrete water tower was standing proudly by the tracks that evening, near the dive shop,
when a Burlington Northern train went through.

Quote of the day:    Great summer weather that day.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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