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Sunday, March 25, 2018:   There was a gathering of SCUBA divers at Portsmouth Mine Lake, near Crosby, MN. 
Deep Diver Paula, in the green/blue jacket, was there to see how it was going. 
She had been below the ice twice before, but not this day.  She'll wait for warm weather and no ice this summer.   

This dive was run by the Minnesota School of Diving in Brainerd, MN.
Soon, a diver surfaced from the icy water. 
Then there were two divers, each one on a lifeline.
Getting them out of the water was interesting and well thought out. 
The triangular cut in the ice was important to make it easier for the crew to haul divers up.
Diving below ice is no easy task. 
Then it was time to put ice back in the lake.  The ice had been cut with a chainsaw earlier, then hauled out.  A real job.
Hot water was used to loosen ice cubes from the lake ice. 
Note there is a hole in the ice.  It was drilled so tools could be inserted to pull the ice out.
The water was also used earlier in dive suits to keep divers relatively warm while they were under the ice.
The crew did the right thing.  Tree branches signal snowmobilers and others to stay away from ice that may not be safe.

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