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Thursday, November 23, 2017:  Thanksgiving Day.  Many folks headed for Ruttger's on Bay Lake for Thanksgiving dinner.
That included Dave and Jean Schaeffer along with Mark and Paula Persons. 

Local musician Jim Olson was there to provide wonderful dinner music. 
This gave him a chance to show off his newest guitar, a D'Angelus.
This log cabin style dining room is famous for great food.  People showed up for it. 
Dave McMillan was a waiter that day.  He is from nearby Aitkin, MN, and does much of the photography for Ruttger's.
A fireplace was providing warmth. 
Paula checked the kind of wine Dave ordered.  Neither Paula nor Jean knew what it was.
Chef Todd Diement was carving prime rib that day.  That was in addition to Thanksgiving turkey, of course! 
(l-r) Paula Persons, Jean Schaeffer, Dave Schaeffer, and Mark Persons.  All had a great dinner that day.

Then it was back to Gilbert Lodge where card games were played. 
Paula was worried that Dave might be a "card shark!"  She watched him carefully for any fast ones.
Mark wasn't so sure about Dave either!  Hmmm, is there a common thread here?
Jean always enjoys being by the fire to keep warm. 
The grand Fireplace in the Gilbert Lodge Great Room is just the right place.

Quote of the day:    We all had a great day.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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