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Wednesday, September 13, 2017:  There was a grand opening of a new park, about five miles north of Crosby, Minnesota.  It is just west of Highway 6 on County Road 30. 
Several dozen people showed up at a new picnic shelter to discover what it was all about.  They learned the park honors the memory of 41 men who lost their lives when water flooded the 200 foot deep Milford Mine back in 1924.  The event became known as the Milford Mine Disaster and is the largest loss of life in mining in Minnesota.

A television crew interviewed Gloria Perpich.  She told the story about her father, Joe Sabyn, who almost died in the disaster.  He was a mechanic who worked in the 45 degree underground temperature at 200 feet.   Sabyn was called back to the surface in -10 degree weather to do repairs on equipment, just an hour before the flood.  He related the story many times while he was alive.

Donald Hyattman, 86, in the yellow shirt, was an underground miner years ago too and told of how dangerous it was to work down below. 

A 450 foot long boardwalk links two parts of the park.

Names of those who died in the disaster are engraved in board planks along the way.  A nice touch.

Bryan Pike is the Natural Resource Manager in the Land Services Department of Crow Wing County.  He was in change of overseeing the park project and is proud of how it came out.  Shown is the location of the mine shaft, along with some wheels from a narrow gauge railroad.  The original building and elevator are long since gone, but the history of the event lives on.

Plenty of information along the way to inform visitors about what life was like back then.

A man stood for quite a while pondering the Milford disaster while looking out over Milford Lake.

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