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Saturday, October 29, 2016:  SCUBA Leslie and Deep Diver Paula were at Louise, which is one of the flooded iron mine pits near Crosby, Minnesota.
What were they doing on this 48 degree day?  Answer: Suiting up to carve pumpkins.  It is an annual event. 
Nine divers got in the cold water in an attempt to outdo each other by carving a pumpkin.....UNDERWATER!
The outing is sponsored by the Minnesota School of Diving in Brainerd.
Yes, hand signals are used underwater because voice communalization isn't an option.
It wasn't long before Josh Marcum came ashore with his pumpkin.   Others followed shortly.
Meanwhile, food was being prepared on a BBQ to warm the cold divers.  Not THAT warm! 
Things sometimes get a bit out of hand over the fire on these trips.
Hungry divers  were happy for the nourishment.
Then it was time to post photos on Facebook and tell lies about how things went underwater.
Jerry Swanson's was judged the scariest!  Paula's looked more like a fish with a large mouth.
Happy divers showed off their Halloween Pumpkins.

Quote of the day:    Paula's pumpkin will be at the entrance to Gilbert Lodge on Halloween.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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