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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

Wednesday, August 12, 2015: 

Paula and her SCUBA diving friends showed up at the Minnesota School of Diving shop, signing up for an evening "fun dive."  They were there to remember fun diving and to have another outing that night.  Mark was there as the unofficial photographer.

Yes, the place has diving outfits from the past and plenty of new items. 

They even have depth maps for area lakes.

The dive van was loaded and it was off.

Three cars and the van headed to Gilligan's Plunge, a favorite dive spot near Crosby, Minnesota, just fifteen miles from Brainerd.  This and many surrounding lakes are abandoned iron mining pits.  There is plenty of iron ore left over to coat tires in brown mud.  When dry, the brown is more orange in color.
Then it was time to "suit up."  Deep Diver Paula wore her wet suit.  She will switch to a dry suit when the water is colder.
Then it was down to the water with fins, tanks, regulators, and much more.
Preparation is quite a procedure that takes over a half hour to get ready for a dive.  The weather looked good, but there was rain in the forecast.
Master Diver Jill Herberg worked that night as cook and potential rescue diver if anything went wrong.  The only thing that went wrong is Jill posed for a photo and the BBQ flared up!  Mark said he likes food well done anyway.  At least now we know what SCUBA divers eat after exploring underwater.
In case you wonder what Paula sees underwater, here are some shot from her camera.
Yes, the skies had turned a bit orange by the time the divers came up.  It was a "thumbs up" evening for them.

Tim Gack showed off his favorite foods including Coca Cola in a can labeled Explorer, which is a fitting title for him.

Divers shared stories, some of them true, about what they saw underwater.

Then Tim received a phone call from home in Aikley, MN, saying a storm had downed trees and knocked out power.

Once back at the dive shop, Paula and others were busy putting things away before leaving during a downpour in Brainerd.

Actually Mark used the opportunity to check up on Paula to see if she really did what she clamed she was doing!

Quote of the day:    It is interesting seeing the SCUBA diving hobby.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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